Penflick Podcast #18 - The Rocky Show

This episode is alittle rockier than usual and also features interviews and live tracks from Cargo City and The Cads.
there's loads of tracks from various genres on here and they're all amazing, the one that stands out for me is Sebastian Arnold and the track "Driving A Spaceship". Llisten to the track and imagine that he plays everything you hear himself all at the same time when he plays live, a really cool experience to see i have to say.

01. Alvarez Kings - Patience Is Strength
02. The Bohemian Embassy - Subject To Status
03. The Flare-Up! - The Rudes
04. The Cads - Exclusive Interview + The track "New Seed"
05. The Icarus Youth - Runaway
06. The Vulz - Green Light Go!
07. Cargo City - Thank You Jonathan (exclusive live track for Penflick Podcast)
08. Laish - Obituaries
09. Kid Decker - Reveries
10. Passenger - Wrong Direction
11. Tom Klose - Born A Lion
12. Lingby - Waterways
13. Bamboozelbub - Now That's The Question
14. Sebastian Arnold - Driving A Spaceship
15. Lloyd Williams (Autumn Red) - Dustbowl


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