Penflick Podcast #01 - I've Got This Weird Idea

Jim, I have this weird idea about a marketing ploy for the studio...we should do a radio show!"
"-ok, I'm in!"
That the show then took a life of its' own is now embedded forever in history...but that is how it began anyways!
By far not the best show, but then again it was the first show and we had no idea (still don't know really) what we were doing!

01. Vivid Colour - Feels Like I've Been Gone 
02. MessedupJoey - Broken Boy 
03. Gypsy Squat Pop Project - Bigger Tits 
04. Milton - Sunshine 
05. No Denials - Lit Up Everyday 
06. Glassband - Aviandays 
07. Conrad Vingoe (feat. Kate Walsh) - Burn Down Love


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