Penflick Podcast #03 - The Carry On Regardless Show

We realised that we didn't really know what we were doing with this radio show craziness and we also featured fantastic Brighton band Los Albertos on the show...and the name of their song? "Carry On (Regardless)". We saw it as a sign.

01. Guided By Lights - New Sights For New Lows 
02. Acoustic Minds - The Only 
03. Caleb - Stony Eyes (live) 
04. Successum - Måsen 
05. Alexis Parkin - Poem Of The Day 
06. The Lovers - Friends 
07. Matty Devitt Band - Power 
08. Matt Rivers - Rainbows and Butterflies 
09. /Passenger - You Need Something 
10. Dirty Scavenger - The Gravyboat Song 
11. Los Albertos - Carry On (Regardless)


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