Penflick Podcast #04 - The Bye Bye Show

PPC #04 was a sad affair, we said good bye to an old old friend...No he didn't die, but he moved to Canada with his wife and started a family. We recorded a song called "Bye Bye" for him and it is featured on this show.

01. The Grams - On A Wednesday 
02. The Blueskies - Matthew 
03. Mailorder Manouvres - Live In Peace 
04. Messedupjoey - Turbulence 
05. Dirty Scavenger - Knock And Run 
06. Mr Resonate - the Opposite Vibe 
07. Red Shark In Vegas - Tales Of The Misled 
08. The Great Park - The Woods Were Full Of Them 
09. Susie Ro & Ayla - As The Ivy Grows 
10. Sweet Lola - Closer 
11. Doll and The Kicks - Roll Up The Red Carpet 
11. Jim Beckett&Mellowman - Bye Bye!


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