Penflick Podcast #11 - The Ben Taylor Show

PPC #11 was the first show where we had a famous person interviewed exclusively for the show...And also a live track recorded...And we even got a jingle thrown in to the equation...hence we had to name the show after mr Ben Taylor himself. The video of the moment for this show had to be Ben's friend Ollie Childs though...His cover of Hey There Delilah with new lyrics is simply brilliant. Check out the video for yourselves below.

01. South Coast Soul Revue - Heard It Through The Grapevine 
02. British Light Music - I'm Going To Explode
03. Awesome Wells - Bears 
04. Mama's Gun - You Are The Music 
05. Ben Taylor - Turn On The Light (Live Exclusive For PPC) 
06. Moulettes - Recipe For Alchemy 
07. Ollie Childs - Glorious 
08. Battlefield Band - Robber Baron


download ppc#11 (right click: save as)

Ollie Childs - Hey There Facebook