Penflick Podcast #16 - The First Show From Hamburg

This is the first time I've broadcast from outside of brighton and now to make me have more time to do more shows there is also for the first time no talking what so ever on the show, just music.
45 minutes of new music that I believe you'll like but most likely haven't heard before.
drop me a line and let me know what you think!

01. Laish - She Is Clever
02. Common Tongues - Jumping Ships
03. The Beautiful Word - Emily
04. The Icarus Youth - The City (remix)
05. Comb & Prosperous - Guaranteed Fall
06. Das Contras - Reckless Phase
07. The House Of Flukes - The Girl With The Suitcase In Her Hair
08. Ivor Game - I Like Being At Home
09. WegoEgo - Take MeAs I Am
10. International Diamond Thieves -.
11. Trails - All The Other Humans
12. Stephan Imobergsteg - Sleep Well Silence
13. Lloyd Williams (From Autumn Red) - Everlasting Sorrow (Live in Germany October 2011)
14. Ledfoot - What You Mean


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