Penflick Podcast #17 - The Passenger Show

The second show from Hamburg, this time with a little bit of talking, it was simply too boring not to talk on the show...
This time on the show we feature several tracks, including a exclusive live track from Brighton artist "Passenger" and also an exclusive interview with the main man Mike Rosenberg.

01. Tom Klose - Good Night
02. Kid Decker - Look About Ready
03. Passenger - The Wrong Direction
04. Sea & Air - Mercy Street
05. Trails - All The Other Humans
06. The Flare-Up - Guns & Pearls
07. The Dinosaur Truckers - Hellfire
08. Passenger - Exclusive Interview + Live Track
09. Common Tongues - Solitary Thinker
10. Joe Woodham - Conscious State
11. Bischler - Oder Nich?
12. Passenger - Let Her Go


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