Penflick Studios - The Dream is coming to life

This winter I will transform one of the rooms in the mill into a recording space.

The Studio in Salzwedel is great, and I will still use it for bigger projects and more importantly for drum recording.
However, every time I record someone in the mill the atmosphere rules the sessions. It is simply a space where you feel comfortable, both as an artist and as an engineer.

I will post some updates on the progress this winter, it is all very exciting!

Here’s a song I recorded in that room…sounds pretty good, but hopefully I will get that room even sweeter sounding with a bit of work!

Countryside Studio

Our studio is set in the heart of the Wendland countryside. Here you can come and forget about normal life for a while and just concentrate on being creative.


We have a self contained apartment with three rooms, kitchen and bathroom, a Shepherd's Hut and a caravan that can be used by artists when they come out here to record.


We can also provide you with food and drink for your entire stay. Although there is also a kitchen and fridge in the apartment should you want to cook for yourself.