Tour Manager/Live Sound

This usually comes in one package when you ask me to join you on tour, but if you require just one or the other then that works just as well. I am equally at home in both these roles. I am massively passionate about music and I know this transcribes into the way I work.

"The level of skill you brought to this project is considerably higher than some who've been doing this for a living for several years. 
It was a sterling effort"
/Mark Dawson, Production Manager: Sundance London


Tour Booking

When I moved from England to Germany I noticed straight away how the music scene differs in Germany from that in England. For a starters unsigned bands get paid for all the gigs they do. Secondly the audience are almost always super-attentive. This, for me, made it really easy to take the step to start booking European tours for smaller bands from the UK. You can see the bands I am working with at the moment over at the Artists Page

“Milton is a pleasure to work with and has endless enthusiasm and bad jokes. He is a good sound engineer and is moving into tour management with great results. If you're looking for a sound engineer or tour manager I highly recommend you hire Milton.”
/Conrad Vingoe, Singer/Songwriter



I can also design any posters, flyers, stickers, T-shirts, CD covers, button etc that you would need when going on your tour. Just drop me a line with ideas and I will put them into reality.

"Having known Milton's engineering ability for a few years and with many other engineers as comparison, I can safely state that reliabilty is the word - He never lets you down and will pull out all stops to get you exactly what you want"
/Gary Pilcher, Brighton band Latin For Lucifer

Tour Diary

15th May 2012 – Lloyd Williams European Tour

sooo, it’s been a few days since the last post. Sorry about that, but we’ve just had such amazing gigs that i’ve simply not had time to post, and/or I haven’t had access to the Internet.

Since last time we’ve been to Scruffy’s in Karlsruhe, awesome little Irish place where we’ve been on a previous tour. A little bit annoying gig as the place was full of students who were simply not able to listen to the gig and had to talk all the way though, but hey, these things happen hey?

After that we headed down to Munich for three days and two gigs. First one at the lovely little place called Rennsalon. Really cool little bar and very cool people.
The day after we were at the awesome Trachtenvogl, also in Munich, were Lloyd and Mikey had to play completely unplugged because of annoying neighbours, but it went down a storm! Just check the two videos here to hear what people thought about the gig!

The next part of our journey was amazing, we headed down to Switzerland, which for me as a tour manager, was a first, dealing with Taxes on the border and Carnet ATA’s etc. But once we were there we were absolutely stunned, it is such an amazingly beautiful country,  it is hard to describe how gorgeous it is, you’ll have to go and see for yourselves, but trust me, it is worth it!

Today we’re in Nürnberg and went to the Zeppelin Field where the nazi’s had their rallies in the build up to the second world war and I stood on the exact spot where Hitler once stood and held his speeches. It was very sobering and I walked away a quiet man after that.

Tonight’s gig in Nürnberg should be fun, it is almost sold out and I am looking forward to seeing what reactions we get from the crowd this time around!

Until next time peeps!


Tour Diary Archive

p.s. if anyone knows how to make the youtube videos appear next to each other rather than below, please put me out of my misery and tell me, it’s driving me insane!